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aparat metatron 4025

WHAT IS Biofoton detection of the aparat metatron 4025 instrument?

WHAT IS Biofoton detection of the aparat metatron 4025 instrument?

In the body, metabolism, organ functional processes are controlled by bio-electromagnetic signals, bio-electromagnetic resonances and so-called biofoton.
The total number of these signals is one thousand billion every second, which provides uninterrupted transmission of information during healthy transmission.
However, in the event of disruption, an even flow of information is disturbed, causing a change in our biological function, and this perceived change is perceived as a symptom of the disease.

Each cell of our body is a small electromagnetic unit. Our vegetative life support system, like a software, runs a program to maintain the homeostasis of our being.
The subconscious program, using our brain, generates bio-electric impulses, which are bio-electrical impulses, biofoton, containing information to control the functioning of the hormone system and the organs.

So our organization is controlled by bio-electric impulses and bio-phonics.
The control of the hormone as a biochemical control is carried out with this bio-electromagnetic bio-photon communication, which is responsible for coordinating cell biochemical processes. These bio-electromagnetic resonances are measurable with the device.

The special signal processing program draws signals to the specific sectional area based on the measurement data. From this it can be inferred that the processes in the body are present.

The aparat metatron 4025 instrument compares the QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics) data in the patient’s body surface with the 5718 spectral data of the computer database, where there are any defects or changes in the patient’s biological force.

It should be noted that during the measurement, the sphinx is diagnosed with the surrounding information field, it does not provide a detailed medical diagnosis.

aparat metatron 4025

Whataparat metatron 4025itaparat metatron 4025Testingaparat metatron 4025Ofaparat metatron 4025Spectralaparat metatron 4025Etalonsaparat metatron 4025-aparat metatron 402590?

Whataparat metatron 4025itaparat metatron 4025Testingaparat metatron 4025Ofaparat metatron 4025Spectralaparat metatron 4025Etalonsaparat metatron 4025-aparat metatron 402590?

Aaparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Organopreparations
Baparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Biochemicalaparat metatron 4025Homeostasis
Caparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Pathomorphology
Daparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Microorganismsaparat metatron 4025Andaparat metatron 4025Helminths
Eaparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Allopathy
Faparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Homeopathy
Gaparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Phytotherapy
Haparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Litotherapy
Iaparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Allergens
Japarat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Food
Kaparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Nutriceuticalsaparat metatron 4025Andaparat metatron 4025Parapharmaceuticals
Laparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Microelements
Maparat metatron 4025#aparat metatron 4025Therapeuticaparat metatron 4025Cosmetology

Allaparat metatron 4025Toxins,aparat metatron 4025Acupuncture,aparat metatron 4025Aminoaparat metatron 4025Ac.aparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Anti-Ageaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Bio-M-Eaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Bio-Organaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Bio-Specificaparat metatron 4025Table
Boneaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Brainaparat metatron 4025Anatomical,aparat metatron 4025Brainaparat metatron 4025Disorderaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Brainaparat metatron 4025Process,aparat metatron 4025Brainaparat metatron 4025Tuneaparat metatron 4025Table
Cell-Com,aparat metatron 4025Chromosomes,aparat metatron 4025Conflictaparat metatron 4025Matrix,aparat metatron 4025Conflictsaparat metatron 4025P-38
Dentalaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Dentalaparat metatron 4025Materials,aparat metatron 4025Dermatomes,aparat metatron 4025Digestiveaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Digestiveaparat metatron 4025System
Eareyeaparat metatron 4025Anatomy,aparat metatron 4025Eareyeaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Emotionaparat metatron 4025Matrix,aparat metatron 4025Extrasymptoms,aparat metatron 4025Frexfreq
Gemstones,aparat metatron 4025Geneaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Geopathicaparat metatron 4025Stress
Heartaparat metatron 4025&aparat metatron 4025Cond.aparat metatron 4025Sys.,aparat metatron 4025Heartaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Homeopathic,aparat metatron 4025Hormones-Female,aparat metatron 4025Hormones-Male
Injuryaparat metatron 4025&Trauma,aparat metatron 4025Inneraparat metatron 4025Selfaparat metatron 4025Process,aparat metatron 4025Iridologyaparat metatron 4025Tableaparat metatron 4025L,aparat metatron 4025Iridologyaparat metatron 4025Tableaparat metatron 4025R
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N.E.P.aparat metatron 4025Profile,aparat metatron 4025Nerves,aparat metatron 4025Nervousaparat metatron 4025Systemaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Otheraparat metatron 4025Toxins
Personalaparat metatron 4025Toxins,aparat metatron 4025Professionaparat metatron 4025Probability
Relationshipaparat metatron 4025Matrix,aparat metatron 4025Relaxationaparat metatron 4025Process,aparat metatron 4025Respiratoryaparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Respiratory,aparat metatron 4025Rifeaparat metatron 4025Table
Sarcodeaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Self-Evaluationaparat metatron 4025Hint,aparat metatron 4025Sinuses,aparat metatron 4025Sinusthroataparat metatron 4025Diseases,aparat metatron 4025Solutionaparat metatron 4025Process,aparat metatron 4025Spinalaparat metatron 4025Conditions,aparat metatron 4025Spinalaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Spinalanatomy,aparat metatron 4025Sportaparat metatron 4025Hormones,aparat metatron 4025Susceptibilityaparat metatron 4025Index
Teethaparat metatron 4025List,aparat metatron 4025Tmjaparat metatron 4025Points
Vitaminaparat metatron 4025Table,aparat metatron 4025Acid-Alkalineaparat metatron 4025Balance,aparat metatron 4025Spectrogramsaparat metatron 4025Ofaparat metatron 4025Healthyaparat metatron 4025Organs,aparat metatron 4025Toxicaparat metatron 4025Stressaparat metatron 4025Load,aparat metatron 4025Contaminants,aparat metatron 4025Supplements
Theaparat metatron 4025Energy-aparat metatron 4025Burdened,aparat metatron 4025Symptomaticaparat metatron 4025Agentsaparat metatron 4025-aparat metatron 4025Wideband

Mainaparat metatron 4025Functions:aparat metatron 4025Bacterialaparat metatron 4025Researchaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Ultrastructureaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Identifyingaparat metatron 4025Ofaparat metatron 4025Nidusaparat metatron 4025Bordersaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Vegeto-Testaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Smart-Filteraparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Entropyaparat metatron 4025Analysisaparat metatron 4025NlSaparat metatron 4025Analysisaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Comparativeaparat metatron 4025Analysis
Alternativeaparat metatron 4025Diagnostics:aparat metatron 4025Evaluationaparat metatron 4025Ofaparat metatron 4025Bapaparat metatron 4025Ataparat metatron 4025Handsaparat metatron 4025Andaparat metatron 4025Feetaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Auriculodiagnosticsaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Iridology
Correctingaparat metatron 4025Actions:aparat metatron 4025Meta-Therapyaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Lithotherapyaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Phytotherapyaparat metatron 4025•aparat metatron 4025Preparationaparat metatron 4025Making

aparat metatron 4025

What aparat metatron 4025 Specification?

What aparat metatron 4025 Specification:

Main machine

1 pc

Headphone Sensor

1 pc

Blue USB cable

1 pc

High quality Black connecting Cable

2 pcs

Testing Cup

1 pc

USB doogle for software

1 pc

USB software

1 pc

Aluminum box

1 pc

aparat metatron 4025

What different aparat metatron 4025 and Sensitiv Imago?

What different aparat metatron 4025 and Sensitiv Imago?

I am interested in purchasing a NLS device. I have looked through
your website and of a competitor of your, Sensitiv Imago. I would like
you to provide me with a comparison of your product to
theirs. What does your machine give me tobe able to treat my patients better than the Sensitiv Imago. Forget the who was first cliche Who is best, and why. Convince me of this and I will buy your product.

Dear colleague,

To tell the truth, you have placed me in an awkward position with your letter. It was just like someone asked manufacturers of Bentley cars to prove why their cars are better than, for example, Smart cars. He would seriously perplex them. Same steering-wheel, same four wheels. The advantages are not that convincing. But all more or less educated people know that Smart cars cannot be even compared to Bentley – it is obvious and does not require any proofs.

In our case the differences are even more striking. For example allow me to bring some historic facts. During World War 2 US Air Force had to build airfields for their bombers on Melanesia islands, previously not visited by Europeans. Aborigines who lived there saw planes flying like birds for the first time. After the end of the War, when Americans left these islands, locals started to build planes of locally available materials – shit and sticks. Occasionally a chief of a tribe climbed up this plane, puffed and sweated trying to take off.

In the end here is what I’m trying to tell you.
Sensitiv Imago devices (like many other similar devices) compared to our developments is just like shit and sticks planes compared to Boeing-787. And I believe that not only I can put my name down for it, but dozens of our users who work with our systems and previously had bad luck to purchase shit and sticks devices.

Madam, be wise and don’t step on the same rake twice!

Probably, after everything that was said, someone will hurry over to blame us for unfair competition, but I want you to understand one simple thing. We have no competitors! We are surrounded by a swarm of arrogant and cynical swindlers – unpeople who parasite on health problems of naive and trusting individuals!

Best regards,
Vladimir Nesterov
President of International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems,
Full member of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

aparat metatron 4025

What is aparat metatron 4025?

What is aparat metatron 4025?

aparat metatron 4025

I. This software has all features from previous versions of diagnostic software developed by the IPP and also it introduces innovative developments in non-linear diagnostics systems (NLS).

II. Database of etalons is extended significantly.

1) Biochemical indices: new enzymes, hormones, oncological markers (cancer of pancreas, stomach, lungs, prostate, mammary gland and ovaries, etc.) are introduced.

2) Immunoglobulin of I order, which allow to reveal immunodeficiency states.

3) New section – Microelements (introduced all chemical elements contained in human organism, dependence of chemical elements wave spectrums character on their location in periodic table is revealed) which give us a possibility to evaluate quantitatively indices of human organism homeostasis and diagnose its disorders on early stages. Using aparat metatron 4025 function it became possible to reveal and control content of various microelements in an organism.

Using NLS-systems one may find out that microscopic amount of some chemical elements, such as gold, for example, is also important for preserving of good health condition. Many others microelements participate in functioning of vibratory and bio-electronic systems of human organism and his CNS.

4) Homeopathic preparations: introduced new modern medications, revealed strict dependence of wave spectrum analysis among humoral-constitutional peculiarities of an organism, blood group, Rhesus factor, some biochemical indices and spectrum of a homeopathic preparation.

5) Nutriceuticals: database of food supplements is extended, in particular with NSP company products.

6) Allopathy. Database of modern allopathic preparations is significantly extended: new antibiotics, immunomodulators, probiotics and other medications are introduced.

7) In this software we introduced new feature “Psychoemotional state” which allows us to evaluate in real-time mode emotional background of a patient and detect interrelation between development of mental and somatic pathology and emotional state of a patient.

We added etalons of 73 emotional conditions, such as hope, faith, sorrow, anger, etc. to a section of psychoemotional condition screening.

Our thoughts and feelings form strictly individual spatial-frequency torsion field. That is why before we achieve true progress in medicine and psychology we have to learn to interpret our emotional disorders as disharmonic fluctuations affecting normal functional condition of an organism.

There is so close connection between emotions and development of a disease that sometimes it is possible to foresee course of person’s disease by evaluation of his emotional stress. The main thing is to see how a person deals with his stress, to identify his emotions, his personal tolerance – all these things may be evaluated by software’s psychoemotional screening function.

8) Database of allergens is extended – introduced spectrums of heavy metals: strontium, cadmium, caesium, polonium and other radioactive nuclides.

9) For the first time we introduced Bach flower remedies into “aparat metatron 4025” software.

We created and added to our software etalons of 38 flower preparations for seven main states of mind and for treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

Bach flower remedies are vibratory remedies with specific frequency characteristics inherent to particular plants.

Main purpose of these remedies is to harmonize mental and emotional spheres of a man. Negative emotions promote development of a disease.

The software chooses spectrums of various essences for treatment of specific diseases and energy disorders.

10) 80 new etalons of organopreparations – peptide bioregulators were introduced into database of “aparat metatron 4025” software.

Bioregulators, obtained from organs and tissues of specially bred healthy animals, are called organopreparations. German company “Vit Organ” has a technology of organopreparations obtaining, based on cellular method of researcher-immunologist K.E.Theurer, according to which extraction of specific for each organ and tissue organopreparation is carried out from cytoplasm of all cell types and their histogenetic ranges, therefore high organ and tissue specificity of obtained cellular bioregulators is achieved.

Thanks to organotropism feature, the preparations optimize processes of physiologic regeneration, restore genetic control over proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in homologous organs, which promotes rejuvenation and renewal of tissues, development of anti-age effects, slowing down of ageing processes, restoration of young and functionally active tissue, elimination of inflammations, lysis of pathological proliferation foci, development of anti-degenerative effects, tumor growth inhibition.
As a result all abovementioned leads to restoration of organ or tissue normal functioning, in children – to restoration of postnatal ontogenesis, elimination of abnormalities and defects of development.

III. For the first time in “aparat metatron 4025” software we introduced application of three-dimensional reconstruction of pictures on basis of data read with multidimensional research – a study of hollow organs according to principles of “virtual NLS-scopy” with use of LAPP system (ultrahigh performance parallel processors system). Preparation of pictures for visual analysis is fulfilled with help of 4-D Tissue original method invented by the Institute, that allows not only getting of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, but also choose interesting biologic tissue – “additional dimension” and visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously.

IV. “aparat metatron 4025” software has a significantly increased accuracy of acquired diagnostic results by establishing of feedback system between a patient and HSS. This objective is reached by introducing of possibility to enter into software results of patients’ biochemical analyses (blood/urine) acquired by laboratory method.

V. All software databases of new software are translated into few foreign languages. Thus new “aparat metatron 4025” software will support not only Russian, English and German languages, but Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages also, which significantly extends geography of application of this innovative technology!

aparat metatron 4025

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